Play It Cool

by The Mackinaw Peaches

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We recorded these songs in a dining room and wardrobe. Some songs are new versions of Alex's old songs, others are brand new. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed eating/hanging out/talking crap while we made them.



released May 2, 2016

Alex - vocals/guitar.
Linden - bass/vocals.
SJ - drums.

Lyrics by Alex.
Music by The Mackinaw Peaches.
Produced, engineered and recorded by Alex Pizzol.
Mastered by Tristan Barr.
Band name by Mitch Kelly.
Guiding light: Jordi Edwards.
Huge thanks to: GodWolf, Parks Department, Juliette, Jess and Karishma, Tristan, Wisemab and Free World, Gilligan Smiles, both Chris's and The Great Emu War, our parents, all our friends who like our Facebook updates and come to our shows and lastly, anybody else who found their way here and is listening to our songs!



all rights reserved


The Mackinaw Peaches Melbourne, Australia

We occasionally make noise and eat fried chicken.

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Track Name: Friend
I'm not surprised that we can only be friends,
'Cause I'm barely a five and you're almost a ten.
I've said it once, I guess I'll say it again,
I'll be the Milhouse to your Lisa Simpson,

If that's the way you want it to be.

I'm not surprised that we can only be friends,
You fall asleep well before the movie ends.
You play along with all the things that I mean,
What you don't know is that the jokes really on me.

The jokes on me.
Track Name: Dead
If you rely on your looks,
Then I hope you've had your fun,
'Cause I've got 99 problems in my life,
But getting wrinkly just ain't one.

I look my best at 3am,
On my way to bed.
That's fine with me 'cause we're all grey,
And ugly in the end.

In the end it doesn't matter,
How much hair's left in your head.
In the end it doesn't matter,
How your teeth look when you grin.
In the end it doesn't matter,
How we look when we are dead,
'Cause in the end what really matters,
Is that we made a couple friends.
Track Name: Other People
You never wanna be alone.
You hate to hang out with yourself.
And all you've ever really known,
Is finding joy in someone else.

I still remember what you said,
That night we all went out for tea.
And how it all made perfect sense,
To everybody there but me.

You said that we all need other people.

You never wanna stay at home.
You've gotta get out of the house.
But you're still looking at your phone,
Always afraid of missing out.

Just like that time you called me up,
And said "Hey, let's go get some food".
But by the time I went to leave,
You found a better thing to do.

You said that we all need other people.
Track Name: Your Type
I know I'm not your type,
And you're more into him.
And I know that you don't sleep alone,
But I kinda wish you did.

'Cause my bed's cold as fuck,
And I watch too much TV.
I stay up late most nights,
And wonder if you think of me.

Do you think of me?
Track Name: My Year
Your fingers on your phone,
Feet up on the couch,
The way your dimples show,
Near the corners of your mouth.

If I knew better I wouldn't be here.
Maybe this isn't my year.

The fake tan on your legs,
Cigarettes in your purse,
The way the second Death Cab show,
Was better than the first.

You asked if we could still be friends,
And we haven't spoken since then.
If I knew better I wouldn't be here.
Maybe this isn't my year.
Track Name: NYE
I spent my new years eve,
With a bag of fast food,
All my brother's friends,
And a tacky puzzle too.

I put on Mr. Bean,
And listened to some Youth,
Skated down the road,
And shared a thought or two.

That's when I realised,
There was nothing I'd rather do.

But when I went to bed,
When there was nothing more to do,
What happened to me next,
Ripped my perfect night in two.
Because I thought of you,
And what you put me through,
All the things I'd do.

They say you are what you eat,
And I just wish that I was you.
Track Name: Gutterball
When spent most of our time,
Sweeping floors and starting fires on Turner St.

On Saturday nights,
Drunk out of our minds,
I wouldn't change a thing if it were up to me.

Soupy said it best,
When he said he didn't make sense,
To anybody but his best friends.
And if you asked me how,
To describe out friendship now,
I would say, "it's a beautiful thing".

The nights at Tabs,
The backyard party hangs,
Half the fun was fucking 'round before we went.

I doubt I would've survived,
Without talking shit with you every weekend.
Track Name: English Breakfast
Most people like to go out,
To talk with others that they hardly even know.
And all my friends like to drink,
Some of them even put powders up their nose.

But I just wanna be alone.

I just wanna be alone,
I don't want a chick in heels to break my toes,
Or wait until my dickhead mates wanna go home.
I just wanna be alone.

I just wanna be alone,
Drinking tea and watching Shawshank on my own,
I'll put on some porn or have sex on the phone.
I just wanna be alone.

I just wanna be alone.
Track Name: Ellen Degeneres
I wear beanies all summer,
'Cause I look weird in caps.
And I stay up way past midnight,
'Cause I take too many naps.

Ellen Degeneres makes a better man than me.
I'm a boy and that's all I'm ever gonna be.

So take a look at the kid who's afraid to grow up,
I'm twenty-four going on ten.
And full time work is finally just about to show up,
I guess I'll deal with that then.
Track Name: Letter
There's a letter with your name on the front,
Been there at least a couple months,
Sitting at the bottom of my desk.
Haven't had the guts to send it yet.

And I know I said,
"I just wanna be alone".
But up inside of my head,
That's not how it always goes.

Sat outside for a bit too long today,
Thought about all the shit I wanna say.
But I know if you showed up at my door,
I'd play it cool and just try to smile more.

Sometimes I sleep,
On the other side,
Of my own bed,
Just to see what it's like.